January 4, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

I am part of a secret facebook group dedicated to Afro hair. One day, I ran out of shampoo and was forced to ask if anyone knew of any made in Canada hair care products. I got a few great recommendations, but Up North Naturals really stood out to me. The reason it stood out was because the brand uses all natural ingredients AND is made in Canada. If you know anything about black hair care products, then you know how hard it is to find truly natural products. Most times black women have to create their own natural concoctions (apple cider baking soda anyone?) to care for their hair.

I checked out the website and I was impressed! I looooved the packaging and the TRULY natural ingredients. Originally, I was just going to get the hair milk as a daily conditioner. I wanted to test it out since switching to a new brand is scary. However, when I messaged Lisa from Up North Naturals, she recommended the full line and hooked me up with it!

The full line is a great way to go because it has everything you need to get a good hair-care regime going. The full line works because it is fool proof. It is a 6-step process that is easy for people like me!

Wash -> Condition  -> Moisturize x2 -> Style -> Hold = Super Simple!

I made a product review video RIGHT before my first guest arrived for Christmas dinner, so this is the best take lol! It was the perfect time to take a video since I was home, and dressed WITH washed and brushed hair: a very rare occurrence.

I honestly love this line and the twist and curl butter in particular. I love the creamy texture of it. I can actually see my 4c curls when I use it! I don’t blow dry my hair or diffuse it, so I like that this product works with no added heat.

Like I said in the video, the scent of all the products is spectacular. I love the citrus scent in the conditioner and rosemary and mint in the shampoo. It makes Wash Day bearable!

Overall, I would recommend all my natural girls get one or two products to add to their arsenal of hair care products (I know you have one).

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