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Don’t stress

This year I said f-it! I didn’t put up any decorations in my house, I spent about 2-3 hours Christmas shopping and I didn’t stress out over getting a picture with Santa (we got pictures though).

It could be because we have a new baby in the family, but it could also be the fact that I am not willing to stress myself out over and participate in activities that aren’t all that important. I’m just going to put it out there and say that decorating my house in the latest Christmas colors is a waste of my time.

Robin’s Egg Blue and Red c/o HGTV

But let me tell you what is an amazing use of my time and effort during the Christmas Season. These are the things that make Christmas special and have never and hopefully never will stress me out.

Taking Photos of My Children!

I love capturing moments especially holiday moments. It is always satisfying to look back a year later and see what they looked like and be reminded of the fun things they were doing.

We went to the mall when not many people were around (close to closing) to take a few pictures in Santa’s chair. It was much better than waiting in line and being rushed by anxious parents waiting to get the perfect photo of their children.

the-girls-christmas-picture-2015 (1024x681)

On Christmas Day I had to take a picture of my girls at Grandma’s house before they opened their presents. If I am being honest, it was my oldest that opened all the gifts on behalf of her little sister.

girls-enjoying-their-christmas (1)girls-enjoying-their-christmas

Updating my Ugly Christmas Sweater

I wasn’t going to participate in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition this year, but I really enjoy the tradition. I also wanted the hot chocolate prize (which I got!). At the last minute (3 hours before Christmas dinner) I decided to update my existing Christmas sweater with some hideous embellishments like garland, lights, pompoms, and a dismantled wreath.

I added some elf bottoms and called it a day.

diy-ugly-christmas-sweater-canada-blogdiy-ugly-christmas-sweater-canada-blog (2)diy-christmas-ornament-sweater-ideasdiy-ugly-christmas-sweater-canada-blog (3)

Chilling with the Family

My favourite part of Christmas is hanging out with my family! I’m lucky to have a lot of extended family in the city, so we get together every holiday and enjoy each other’s company and have great food.


During Christmas we have a mix of Jamaican food and some Canadian dishes. This year we had beef tenderloin, oxtail, chicken, rice and peas, yams, sweet potatoes, veggies and stuffing. There was salad, but I skipped that. christmas-food-with-black-people (1) christmas-food-with-black-people

With all that being said, I believe Christmas is a wonderful time of the year as I get to spend time with loved ones, share in fun Christmas traditions and create beautiful memories. I believe you should enjoy the moment and leave the stress behind. What matters most isn’t the amount of presents under the tree, but the timfamily-christmas-picture (1024x681)e you spend with family.

Merry Christmas to you all!!