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I really wanted to share my labour story because I know in 3 years I’ll forget it! I think forgetting about labour is nature’s clever way of tricking us women into reproducing again and again. I’ll take you through my day as best I can remember πŸ˜€


A Fast Labour

I woke up at 2:45 in the morning with cramping. I thought to myself “let me go to the washroom and go back to bed. If this baby is coming at least I can get another 10 minutes of sleep.

2:54 – I text my mom: I think the baby is coming soon…Maybe”

After that text I rolled over and told Peter that I thought the baby was coming. My daughter (who sleeps in our bed) got up and said “sshhh mommy”. :/

By 3:06 I was sure the baby was coming (since I couldn’t go back to sleep) and I called my midwives. They said I should call back in an hour to see how my contractions were coming along.

First, Peter and I packed up our daughter and sent her to her grandmother’s house. We got dressed, made sure the stuff we wanted to bring was ready, and waited.

While at home Peter made me popcorn and I tried to watch something on Netflix while timing my contractions, but I only made it through 12 minutes of a TED talk. Uuuugh the pain was terrible. Mostly because I was tired, but I remember thinking to myself: “Why does labour have to be so hard?!” As I am typing right now I can’t exactly remember the pain (clever trick Mother Nature), but I know all I wanted was for it to be over! I was hot and shivering at the same time. Maybe I was shivering from the pain?

After realizing that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the TED talk I told Peter “maybe we should go to the hospital”. I was kind of hesitant to go to the hospital because during my last pregnancy the hospital staff sent me back home to become more dilated. It had only been an hour or so, and I was convinced I still had a long way to go.

Little did I know I was halfway there!

4:39 – I stop keeping track of my contractions (they were about 55 seconds and 3 minutes apart) and called my midwife. She said they will be there in 30 minutes. I also asked Peter to run me a bath. I went downstairs to turn up the hot water heater because I knew I needed a very, very hot bath. I waited for a contraction to finish and quickly went down the stairs to the basement! Unfortunately, I was caught by another contraction before I could make it back upstairs.

Sometime later (I had lost track of time) the midwife had come by and I was half naked and walking around upstairs with a towel around my “waist”. The midwife checked my cervix and told me I was fully dilated. She said that we could go to the hospital, but it would have to be by ambulance. I was convinced that I couldn’t even get my pants on if I wanted to.

Giving Birth at Home

I did NOT want to give birth at home. It was my LAST option. Who wants to have a baby born in their house? I figured home birth was for granola hippies and the like ;p. I don’t consider myself part of that group!DSC_0474

I had my hospital bag packed and was really looking forward to receiving the laughing gas that I had last time I gave birth. We had to change plans and got prepared for birth at home!

The midwife prepared the bed with medical pads (I don’t know if that is the right term for them, but they looked like puppy pads) and I attempted to get into a comfortable position. Being at home was much better than being in the hospital because I got to pick a position that was most comfortable and convenient for me. They forced me to be on my back for delivery at the hospital, but at home I chose my hands and knees (or maybe I just couldn’t muster the strength to get out of the position)

After 3 or so contractions in that position I felt the urge to push! By push 3 my water broke, after a couple more pushes I could feel baby’s head pop out! Yes!!!! One more good push and she was out! Hurrah: Job Well Done!

By 6:07 Amara was born weighing 7 lbs 2 oz:)

Now I could join the “no medication, natural birth” club πŸ˜€

Things we needed for our home birth

Other than what we already had packed in the hospital bag include:

  • warm towels
  • hydrogen peroxide (to get rid of stains)
  • new bed sheets
  • garbage bags
  • everything else was provided by the midwives

Why I Would Recommend a Home Birth

Even though I was apprehensive about giving birth at home the Midwives at Honeycomb Midwives were experts at keeping me calm and delivering the baby.

The best part was that my whole family could visit just hours after baby was born. Not only that, but I got to sleep in my own bed and wake up to an amazing breakfast cooked by hubby! My midwives informed me that home births were much easier on the mother when it came to recovery and they were right!

I have no signs of the postpartum depression I that crept up on me after my last pregnancy and Peter mentioned that my recovery is going a lot better this time around.

Overall, my birth didn’t go as I imagined, but I was pleased with the overall outcome. Enjoy the pictures below!