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A friend recommended that I try out the Nash Restaurant for my birthday. It’s a new restaurant in Calgary, so it is kind of a big deal (:P) . The owner Micheal Noble, an esteemed chef in YYC, owns another restaurant in a neighbourhood called Bowness which is slowly, but surely, being gentrified.

Anyhow, being the last minute person I am I didn’t make any reservations. I decided to try my luck with a party of about 10 and show up on a Wednesday night. The Nash restaurant is situated off of the main street in Inglewood. I think this is great because you don’t have to struggle to find parking and then walk a kilometer in the snow. Who wants to do that in heels?

When I show up (early) I talked to the hostess to ask if there is anyway I could get a table for about 10. I invited 15 people and I really only expected 8 to show up. The hostess, while nice, was so clueless. It was as if she didn’t quite understand what I was saying and thought that giving me a long blank stare would help resolve the problem. After exchanging a few words I told her she should write my name down on the dining room wait list.

Luckily there was a bartender name Natalie. I am pretty sure that is her name. She was sooo awesome. I told her it was my birthday and she reserved a long table in the middle of the Off Cut Bar for me. I was so happy she picked that spot because, as it turns out everyone except for one person I invited showed up, so we needed the extra space! I have really cool friends who seem to like me. YAY!

I made sure I wandered into the swanky dining room to snap some pictures.

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What is the food like at the Nash?

If you are looking for great food, the Nash will not disappoint. The elk was spectacular. It was rich in flavour and the sauce it came in made the meat melt in your mouth. I was shocked that the rice it came with was actually tasty. It was well cooked. Not mushy or hard. The Nash served us rice that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to feed to your foreign friends. Heck, I would ever be proud to let my Cameroonian mother-in law take a bite. I could proudly say “This was made in Canada!” That is how good it was.  Unfortunately, the food was so mouth-watering I had to take a picture of it half eaten. Please forgive me!

where-to-host-a-birthday-party-in-calgary-canada (1)

I am always down for an excellent burger. The burger was on the bar menu so I opted for that. This burger rivaled the gourmet burger I enjoyed at Briggs on 10th ave. You have the option of a salad instead of fries. If you feel bad desecrating a good burger with a salad, don’t. The salad they serve is fresh and an acceptable substitute to a side of fries.

where-to-host-a-birthday-party-in-calgary-canada (14)

Some of my friends got the steak which was also amazing. In general, everyone was 100% pleased with their meal. I want to add that everyone was full at the end of their meal. There is nothing better than enough great food to stuff yourself with. Am I right?

Who Dines at The Nash?

It seemed to me that the people who chose to eat at the Nash on a Wednesday evening were the kind of people who took themselves way too seriously. There is nothing wrong with that. Why not dress up to go out for dinner? The problem is when some individuals seem to believe that them being at the Nash when it has recently opened makes them fashionable foodies. Please! It is a very well decorated restaurant with great food. Just because you have been here in the first three weeks of opening doesn’t make you cool. Sorry. {end rant}

I would say that if you are going to dine at the Nash don your Theory Jumpsuit and Louboutin pumps. Oh and perhaps a feathered head piece. Yes, a feathered head piece. As long as you love it why not? I’m just joking. Come for the amazing food first. Your outfit should be secondary. Don’t let me tell you what to wear.

My crew (heck yeah I have a crew) and I came as we were. I wore an African print skirt and black tank top. I figured I would keep it low key. I was so happy I could share my birthday with old and new friends. Great food and great company was all I needed.

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What are the Bathrooms like?

You know I love to document restaurant bathrooms. They are all so unique and they tell the true story of how the restaurant is run. I am not entirely sure if the Nash 100% operates these washrooms or if they are shared by the other tenants in the building. I would assume they were heavily influenced by the Nash because on the way down the stairs and to the left were vintage boudoir pictures adorning the walls. The decor was dark, but quite nice. Very clean with brass details everywhere. I give this washroom a solid A-.

hip-fun-places-in-calgary-dining-experience-no-children-no-douchebags-upscale-casual (6)hip-fun-places-in-calgary-dining-experience-no-children-no-douchebags-upscale-casual (9) hip-fun-places-in-calgary-dining-experience-no-children-no-douchebags-upscale-casual (8) hip-fun-places-in-calgary-dining-experience-no-children-no-douchebags-upscale-casual (7)  hip-fun-places-in-calgary-dining-experience-no-children-no-douchebags-upscale-casual (1)

Overall, the Nash has exceptional food and exceptional service. Our bartender/server was the very accommodating and stellar in every way. I HAVE to mention that I love the Nash not just for the food, but for the simple fact that they don’t make their female servers wear heels and low cut tops. This may not be a big deal to some, but I find it offensive that some restaurant owners insist women wear heels during their shift. I think that this says a lot about Micheal Noble and his management. Keeping it about the food and service! I recommend that you visit this restaurant as soon as you can.

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