March 25, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

Lately, I have been rolling with my Think Stunning Lunch bag when I take my kids out. It is the perfect size to hold snacks and a bottle. I originally thought I would bring my own (healthy) lunch in it when I went out for the day, but I was fooling myself. I haven’t packed myself a lunch since….well ever. My mom spoiled me 😉

I asked Nancy, the designer behind Think Stunning, to tell me a little bit about how she got started designing beautiful lunch bags.

How did you come up with the idea for Think Stunning?

Every idea starts with a problem. Mine came up while I was working for a corporate in downtown. I used to spend so much money trying to look professional and stylish, yet I was bringing my lunch in plastic shopping bags. When I started to look for an elegant option, I couldn’t find it. I wanted an adult version of a Lunch Bag something that won’t make me feel embarrassed to carry.

The solution came the day I decided to create my own.

I have a passion and joy of making fashion designs and helping women look their best, using accessories that are functional, practical, pretty and comfortable. With this in mind Think Stunning was born.

Tell me a little bit more about yourself

I’m originally from Venezuela, and I am motivated to create a better world by the poverty, violence, lack of opportunities for education and the alarming need for clean water in under-developed countries. It had been my dream since childhood to do something to give back. For every Lunch Bag sold, I donate 2% of the profit to an amazing organization who works to end the water crisis worldwide charity:water.

Why Water?

Clean water means health, income, and education – especially for women and kids. With safe water nearby, women are free to pursue new opportunities and improve their families’ lives. By buying a Lunch Bag, you help finance and provide clean drinking water to children through water filtration systems.their families’ lives. By buying a Lunch Bag, you help finance and provide clean drinking water to children through water filtration systems.

Tell me more about your Lunch Bags

The Lunch Bag that I’ve designed is high quality, waterproof, and safe to carry your food. It is coated with EVA, it’s BPA free, it’s Lead-free, and it’ll keep your food fresh longer.

It was thoughtfully designed to help women to eat healthier on the go and to save money along the way without sacrificing style. You have a busy life, and it’s so easy to fall into the habit of buying lunch every day, and those restaurant trips can add up.


There’s no reason you can’t outfit some soup, green salad, a sandwich, and great snacks like homemade granola bars and fruits, as fashionably and intelligently as you do yourself.

Dress it up it to work, to the gym, to a picnic, to your kid’s activities, take it everywhere you want. The design is classic, simple, elegant, and easy to match any outfit. Also, works great as a handbag on the go.