March 26, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

Day 0 Update

Yesterday was a Saturday, so it was a typical parenting day. There was a birthday party to attend at 3pm and luckily, my sister was out so I begged her to get me a birthday present for the party. I had planned on getting the present myself, but I had to take a nap with my youngest. I also decided that I would “take the bull by the horns” and do the kid’s laundry! I got two whole loads done 🙂

Day 1 – Weekend Warrior

Today was pretty decent too. My oldest daughter and I slept in and I did more laundry. We watched the Lorax and I finally got to trimming the bush at the front of the house (which is still a work in progress) and Peter cleaned the car while the babies played outside.

Since my mom was gone, this was a task I did with no guidance. She usually will advise me on the best way to do gardening work, but I was on my own. I found a chainsaw in her plethora of tools, so I thought to myself “This is going to be great” I can do it in half the time!

Boy, was I wrong. About 12 minutes into my chainsaw massacre, the chain fell off! I was relegated to using the common garden shears . This was no easy feat. Then, I realized that I was way too short to get the branches at the back. I figured that cutting the front and sides was good enough for a days work. I think I’ll wait for mom to come home to complete the rest 🙂 .

Usually, we reserve Sunday for family day, but work always sneaks into the mix. Now that my mom is gone, I am finding that I am forced to focus on being present. Normally, my oldest daughter would ask to go to grammy’s house, and of course, I would say yes. When the kids were gone I would catch up on whatever work related task that needed to be done before Monday. That was not the case today.

I have realized that I need to focus on the parenting (as opposed to being distracted by the never ending work of running a business) in order to do it well. Hopefully, this translates into being a better mom!

Let’s see how this week goes!