July 27, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

I entered my youngest daughter in a contest to win 2 tickets to Folkfest Calgary. She won! What is the point of having children if they can’t win things for you? Am I right?

Since I (I did the writing) won two, four-day passes to the festival, I am compelled to attend every single day of the event. Here is my mermaid inspired look. Complete with a mermaid-blue sequin top, my favorite pair of short shorts, and sparkly heels!

What is with the #mermaid thing?

Mermaids are becoming a bit of a cult thing. Just like Unicorns were cool last year (and still are to a certain extent). I honestly am not entirely sure why Mermaids are a thing, but here are my theories:

Mermaids are mythical.

There is a certain amount of license one can take when interpreting what a mermaid would do, how they would look, and the activities they would enjoy. I think that there is a certain subculture that believes mermaids are a free spirited, colourful bunch that embrace their individuality.

Mermaids are female friendly.

#mermaidlife for life. I think that this could be 1-part female empowerment and 1-part fad. Either way, it makes it super easy to spread on instagram. Since feminism is cool and everything.

Mermaids are colourful!

This is probably the best part about mermaids. There is nothing left to say here.

When I got dressed in the morning, I remember thinking “This top reminds me of mermaid scales”.  It was never my intention to go for the mermaid look. It was only after I posted on Instagram that someone mentioned I looked like a mermaid. After the comment I decided to post that is was a mermaid look lol.

The rest of the “Mermaid” look!

Top: OMG! This top. I went to go buy a jumpsuit and ended up with a bunch of sweet sparkly, bright, made-for-festival-clothing.

Choker: Made by me 🙂 – Alora Boutique. It’s available online and in stores across Canada!

Shorts: Consignment! I bought these probably 4 years ago. They still fit *phew*

Shoes: Joyce’s Closet, of course.