February 19, 2016 Jameela 0Comment

This year, I made the decision that I was going to create a photo book of my best photos. I haven’t come up with a complete plan, but I know that it will be a coffee table style book of my favourite 2015/2016 photos.

Now that I think about it, it probably sounds a bit narcissistic that I would self-publish a coffee table photo book of my own photos. Maybe it is narcissistic. Even so, I have at least 30,000 photos of my first daughter and many, many more of my second daughter. I also have a plethora of the photos I have taken of everyday things I find interesting. With so many photographs just sitting on my external hard-drive, I feel that I should publish the best ones in a physical copy.

Dividing my photo book into categories

To make this project a manageable, photo book I will most likely use the listed categories below:

  • Family (mainly the girls)
  • Around the house (photos of very mundane items found in my home that on further inspection are quite interesting)
  • Flowers and Plants (I enjoy photographing them)
  • Patterns
  • Black and White

There are probably more categories I haven’t thought of yet, but I want to write them down as I go along.

My favourite flower photo of 2015

What I know is that this photo, which I took in 2015 will definitely make the cut. I originally posted this photo from my trip to Vancouver. At one point it was my facebook cover photo. I usually only make my very favorite photos a cover photo!

vancouver flowers and houses (1) (1024x681)

I really like this photo because of the stunning colour of the flowers brought into crisp focus with a blurred background.

I took this photo with my Nikon Camera in Aperture Mode. I was using my zoom lens and the focal length ended up being 48 mm. I really like shooting with my 50 mm fixed lens, so when I am using my zoom lens I either set it to 35 mm or 50 mm. According to my camera, I was 2 mm off with this shot.

Other photo details

  • ISO 400
  • F-stop: f/8
  • Exposure: 1/30 seconds
  • No flash

I think that recognizing the conditions and familiarizing myself with the settings used to get my preferred photo will help me take better ones.

Now that I have written down my goal, I feel compelled to complete it. Hopefully, it will be completed by August. I will be sure to keep you all updated on here!

Here’s to many more good photos in 2016!