February 3, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

Remember when I wanted to feel like a Gangster dressed in all black? Lucky for me, I finally stumbled upon the perfect sweater to help me with that.

Affirmation Designs

My friend started a clothing line called Affirmation Designs. with a launch at Philosophy Coffee (see event photos below). I was immediately drawn to the “I Got This” graphic hoodie.  Normally, I despise clothing with writing on the front. However, the message on the front was too hard to resist.

I was drawn to this hoodie for a couple reasons

  • a) I had been coveting a black hoodie for weeks and
  • b) sometimes (many times) I doubt myself and my resilience. This sweater reminds me that I have overcome many challenges in my life. Despite those challenges, I know that I can say with confidence “I got this!” when obstacle crosses my path.

Affirmation Designs Logo Meaning

The meaning behind the logo is pretty awesome. It is the greater than or equal to symbol. Now, I haven’t really seen that symbol since first-year university math, but as soon as I saw it I was excited. At first, I was like “ooooh my god, this logo basically means that the wearer is equal to, if not greater than the struggles in life. Awesome!

However, I was wrong!

The greater than symbol means “we are greater than what we are taught to believe about ourselves” and the equal to symbol represents that “we are equal to all of humanity”. Finally, the box (which I overlooked) means “leaving this paradigm to step into our true selves. I have to be honest, I don’t know exactly what that part about leaving the paradigm means, but it sounds good to me!

Organic Cotton and Bamboo

Other than the fact that this sweater is lit (yes I know that word is so 2015), it is soft and made in Canada. You know I love me some Made in Canada!

Overall, I am really happy with this sweater. I basically live in it when I am home. However, once in a while, you will see me rolling around town, in my new sweater, pretending to be hard.


Affirmation Designs Launch at Philosafy Coffee

Here are some photos of the launch of Affirmation Designs at Philosafy Coffee.