June 5, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

I haven’t been in any relationship for very long at least compared to many other people in the world. Some people have been together longer than I have been alive!

For the longest time I wasn’t really sure what love was. I am not entirely sure that I know what it is now, but I feel that I have a decent idea of what it means to love someone who isn’t family: Someone you choose to love.

When you love someone despite their flaws, accept their hideous imperfections. When you choose to see them as a whole person, accept the beauty and shadows of their souls. When you know that the two of you together are as perfect as a lock and key, and accept the notion that a relationship takes work.

I think love is when you choose to love the other person unconditionally, commit to them, compromise and attempt to understand them. I think love is a feeling as well as an action. I think that love turns into attachment if only because love is so addictive! You need a steady stream of it for your high. Maybe that is why it is easy to stumble across love, but it is difficult to maintain.