June 30, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

This month I wore nothing but dresses. I did this to support the United Way of Calgary and Area for their “All in for Girls” initiative. Over the month they raised more than $52,000 for this great cause.

June Dresses for the United Way of Calgary and Area

I attended the wrap up event at Hotel Arts where they had a guest speaker, Christine Eway, that their program had helped. The young woman described coming to Canada at about age 18 and not being able to complete high school. She mentioned that other people her age seemed to take high school for granted. That really resonated with me since I never understood why many teenagers here take for granted the FREE education they are handed. She also mentioned that she had to work two jobs to support herself. One of her jobs was a serving job she had at a hotel where she worked alongside her father (he also had two jobs).

Finally, the United Way helped her to realize her dreams of completing her education and she seemed to be very, very grateful.

I also met Lily Sokolov, the owner of the new Time for Tights. She mentioned that she was from Russia and had come to Canada for school a little over 5 years ago. We had a great conversation about the ethnic/tribal diversity on the Eastern side of Russia.

My highlight for the night was winning a 10 pass card to Yoga Mandala! There were lots of other great prizes that could have been won and I want to mention all the companies and provide links to their websites because they deserve recognition.