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This past weekend the temperature in Calgary reached 32 degrees Celsius. It was perfect! I love the heat. Sitting under the shade, in a hammock, with a slight breeze was definitely working for me. I also found time to explore my city in a light tank-top and breezy shorts. I can’t say I put too much effort into the outfit, but it worked for a Saturday.

For some, the weather is unbearable. This is why I wanted to make a list of things to wear that can help alleviate the heat until you find an air-conditioned store to browse in.

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1. Wear light coloured clothing

When I see people wearing black maxi dresses I cringe! The lighter the color of clothing you wear, the less heat it attracts. The best colors to wear are white, pink, cream, and yellow.

2. Wear light weight, natural fibre clothing

To keep cool consider the weight of your fabric. Silk will keep you cooler than denim. Cotton will breathe far better than rayon. Cotton, linen and other natural fibers breathe and are good at absorbing moisture. Fabrics like polyester are heat traps. So start packing up your thick clothing and bring out clothes that are made of thinner and lighter material.

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3. Wear shorts, skirts, loose tops, tanks, and sandals.

Give your feet a little breathing room. It is unfair to trap them in socks and closed toe shoes. It also goes without saying that dresses and skirts allow for more air circulation than pants. If you are looking for more modesty, just remember that a maxi can be just as comfortable as a short dress or skirt.

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4. Wear shades

Almost all of the sunglasses I wear are loaned to me permanently. Mostly because I lose every single pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. It is important to wear sunglasses because they will protect your eyes against damage from UV rays. Check out the Health Canada website for additional details.

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5. Revise your summer hair do

Consider cutting your hair. I definitely am!  You can cut your hair shorter or tie it up during the summer. The main point is to keep hair off your neck so it isn’t trapping heat. Some black girls will suffer more if they are wearing synthetic hair or if they have a weave it. I say ditch the extensions and go natural for the summer.

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6. Choose light layers

If you hate the heat, you should wear layers so that when you duck for cover in your favorite shop or restaurant you won’t freeze in the A.C. Consider carrying a lightweight cardigan or jacket and do your best to plan ahead.

7. Accessorize with a water bottle!

Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times. It is important to keep hydrated during the hot days of summer.  A small fan or a spray bottle can help you avoid heat exhaustion too, if you want.

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I hope you have a happy summer!