October 21, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

I found myself asking that to my little brother. He is in high school, so I figured he would know what is cool and what isn’t. Apparently Drake IS cool.

I was very happy to hear this because I have finally admitted to myself and others that I do indeed like a good chunk of Drake’s music.

I was first introduced to Drake on Degrassi. He was wheelchair Jimmy.wheelchair jimmy degrassi

Aubrey Drake Graham has always been a privileged punk in my eyes and that is why I was so embarrassed to admit I liked any of his music: especially “Started from the Bottom”. But just because I don’t buy Drake’s story doesn’t mean I cannot admit that he has some pretty awesome tracks. I also like Drake because he just does him. He doesn’t care what people say. He embraces his WASPish side and his “hood” side. Good for him. Sometimes it is difficult to find yourself when your parents come from different cultures or backgrounds.

Here are some of my favourite Drake songs:

“Take Care with Rihanna”. I love this song because it is a bridge between his “rapping” and his “singing”. Also catchy.

“Started from the bottom”. Hilarious music video and almost a flat out lie. Catchy nonetheless.

“Worst Behaviour”. I enjoy watching drake trying to be hard. I like listening to this when I am working. “Remember? Mf never loved us.”

I usually hate misogynist rap garbage, but this track is too catchy. I would listen to this song on repeat on my morning walks. Drake is HILARIOUS in this song, but it proves that a middle-class kid from Canada can roll with hardcore Black Americans.