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I am always on the hunt for something interesting to do in my city. These days it is getting easier and easier to find cultured activities to participate in.

What is Say Word or Spoken Word for That Matter?

Say Word  is a spoken word event that brings together people of diverse backgrounds to celebrate and be educated using a powerful art form.

Spoken word is a form of poetry that often uses alliterated prose or verse and occasionally uses metered verse to express social commentary. Traditionally it is in the first person, is from the poet’s point of view and is themed in current events. In entertainment, spoken word performances generally consist of storytelling or poetry. –

Where Was This Spoken Word Event Held?

This event was held a Korq Wine house. I personally dislike this place because on the few occasions I have been there the food was below average (first time) and the customer service was poor (second time). I usually don’t like to say bad things about places, but I have to be honest to say you from disappointment. I only go to this place for events.

korq wine house downtown calgary korq wine house downtown calgary

What is the Etiquette at a Spoken Word Event?

I am by no means an expert, but here are some quick tips so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

  • snapping (as opposed to clapping) is the most acceptable form for praise
  • when a poet steps up to the mic they say “say word” and the audience replies “word”
  • be friendly and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person beside you

What Should I Wear To a Spoken Word Event?

Most of these events are pretty casual, but that doesn’t mean you should show up in your sneakers and toque. I know people like you exist! It is important to be comfortable and be yourself. You can honestly wear any outfit you feel comfortable in.

What you should wear is usually dictated by the type of people that attend an event. From what I saw, the main demographic of people attending this event were between 30 and 45. A few younger and a few older. These people still care about fashion, but not not obsessed like teenagers or twenty somethings; therefore, they wear what they please.

I would say to keep it casual and comfortable. This is not the place for a glam cocktail dress or a suit.

I wore my handmade Salgado Fenwick skirt, tights, a bold statement necklace, and blazer. I added some pink lipstick to draw attention to my face. That necklace is a fun distraction!

bold statement necklace combat style boots stackable bracelets

You can see below what other people wore to the event. There was a mix of bold purple lip colours, fashionable handbags, modern head wraps, and amazing coats.

Love the head wrap
Love the head wrap
statement necklace
A perfect pairing of necklace with the neckline of this top neckline.

beaded cross body purse clutch bold lip colours interesting-things-to-do-in-calgary-spoken-word-event (24)

Keeping it classy with a leatherette top and green skinny pants.
Keeping it classy with a leatherette top and green skinny pants.
fabulous colourful coat
I love that she wore this is a blue bag instead of standard black

fabulous colourful coat

crop top with floral skirt
Just because it is fall doesn’t mean you have to give up your skirts!

purple lipstick trend purple lipstick trendclutch handbag with space for your handinteresting-things-to-do-in-calgary-spoken-word-event (13)

What are the Performances Like?

The performances are deeply personal. Many of the words that the poets speak the crowd connects with. Topics range from friendship, to love, to sex, to loss, to gender politics. Mostly universal topics and feelings are covered through this art form.

interesting-things-to-do-in-calgary-spoken-word-event (16) interesting-things-to-do-in-calgary-spoken-word-event (15)
Spoken Word Video – Making Love

Spoken Word Video – “Mirrors”

Spoken Word Video – Amanda Okafor “Remember to Live”

Say Word is an Event Worth Going To

If you are looking for an alternative to whatever it is you are doing now try out Say Word. Have a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and meet new people.