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Lots of people ask me how often I work out. I will reveal this in another post. Most of the reason I am the way I am is genetics. The other part of staying “fit” is the way I eat. I am no doctor, but the major part of feeling and looking great is what you put in your body.

Here is my story:

We were heading home at 12 AM after the Canada Day Fireworks, and I hadn’t eaten since evening. Calgary is a city where almost nothing is open after 10PM. No chop bars (what they call street food vendors in Ghana),  no fancy restaurants, no food trucks. Nothing. Of course the only places that were open were McDonalds, Wendy’s, and A&W. My sister and brother were totally down for McDonalds. Peter and I were not. Starving as we were, sat in the car for about 20 minutes with empty bellies waiting for them to emerge from the “golden arches”. They took so long in there that my mother quipped that “they must not be finished growing the potatoes yet.”

Now you are probably wondering why I would pass up a meal if I were hungry. If you know anything about me, you would probably be shocked to know that I passed up a meal that was going to be free. The simple answer is this: I don’t eat fast “food”.

No fastfood

I personally believe that it is better to have nothing in my stomach than the stuff they pass off as “food” these days. The “food” makes me sick, and to be honest, it smells like my daughters spit-up when she was 6 months old. Besides my aversion to fast food there are some very good reasons to avoid fast food:

  1. The Food is Processed. This means that many of the nutrients from your food has been stripped away or altered. {PS I am not telling you that all processed foods are bad. Think pasteurized milk}. At the end of the day, there are almost no good nutrients left in your food.
  2. The Calories are “Empty”. Because of the refined nature of the “food” the carbohydrates simple as opposed to complex. This means the carbs “are quickly broken down in the digestive tract, leading to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels” (Thanks Authority Nutrition). Basically, it takes almost no effort for your body to metabolize the food and after not too long you are hungry again.
  3. Salt, Sugar, and Fat Make the “Food” taste good. I don’t even think I need to explain this one.

I’m not going to sit here and tell anyone to eat raw, whole foods or avoid fast food at all costs. That is unrealistic. All I am saying it that you should do your best to eat the best that you can.

Yum Yum

If you are worried about staying healthy in your old age, or just plain ol’ looking good right now then watch what you eat. That is what I do and I never starve! I love my carbs, and fat, and burgers (I buy my ground beef from Second to None Meats in Mission). I don’t skimp on food. You will NEVER see me order just a soup or salad for dinner. I just make sure I eat a balanced meal. Maybe one day I will chronicle my meals for you.

Here is one place I get my nutrition inspiration:

Eat to Save Your Life: Eat to Save your Life explores the connection between food and health; it is an invaluable resource for consumers looking to make smart choices whenever they are about to make decisions concerning food and supplements.

Eat to save your life Jerry Paquette