June 30, 2016 Jameela 9Comment

I made it to Ontario sometime last week. I can’t remember the exact date because who is counting the days anyway?!

The drive from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay is pretty cool. There is a sign on TransCanada highway (the highway that runs across Canada) that says “This is the Longitudinal Centre of Canada”. I didn’t get a photo because it came up so fast! When I saw it I laughed out loud. How cool is that? The CENTRE of CANADA. I was there!

Leaving Winnipeg for me was pretty scary. I have driven to Winnipeg before and I thought for sure that was the furthest I would ever go. My reasoning was simple: why in God’s name would anyone DRIVE to the East if they could fly? But here I was driving past the Centre of Canada and I was excited.

The scenery really started to change a couple hours into the drive. It stopped being farmland-ish and started becoming forests and rocks. I think that they call this area the Canadian Sheild. I could be recalling my Grade 5 geography incorrectly, but I am going to be brave, trust my recollection, and not look it up on Google.

driving from winnipeg to thunderbay

I was really interested to see the Welcome to Ontario sign. Some provinces have awesome ones and some have crappy ones. I was really disappointed when I saw this.


I said to myself “Wow, all the taxes these people pay and this is the best sign they can afford?” There was no point in stopping for that. Then I saw this.


Yes! 13% sales tax deserves a fancy sign.

On the way to Thunder Bay I crossed a time zone! It seems that they have a sign for everything in this country.eastern-time-zone-signEr mah gerd! I was so excited. I am not entirely sure why, but I had to stop and take a picture. I was crossing a time zone! How cool? Obviously, I have crossed many time zones in my life, but this one had a sign, and that made it real (lol).

Thunderbay to Sault Ste Marie

Ontario has a lot of natural beauty to offer. I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but I happened upon this waterfall somewhere between Thunderbay and Sault Saint Marie and was impressed. Please don’t make fun of my super lame outfit. I was in the car for 8 hours and needed to be in something comfortable.

waterfalls in ontariowaterfalls

The drive between Thunderbay and the Soo (what the locals call it) is absolutely stunning! I am very excited to do that drive again. There are so many lakes and the varying scenery makes for an interesting and slightly challenging drive. It is not at challenging as driving in the mountains during rain, so that is good!

Anyway, as I type now I am in Toronto, so there is more to come on this adventure!