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Men’s Button Down Shirts

We all have a few items that got left behind in past relationships. Heck, I have a pair of pajama pants that I stole from a past boyfriend that I am wearing right now. We dated almost 10 years ago, but they are so comfortable!

Even if you get rid of everything from the past, maybe your husband has a few button down shirts that he never wears. Well, my friend, you are in luck! I am here to show you how to style a men’s button down shirt. Don’t let that awesome printed garment go to waste!

A men’s button down shirt is perfect worn casually with a pair of leggings and booties. You can easily turn your husband’s button down into a cute “dress” by defining your waist with a slim belt. Just remember to have fun with your look when styling menswear.

Vintage Men’s Button Down Shirt

Here is how I wore my vintage 90s men’s button down (thank you Velour Clothing Exchange)!

Belt it, Baby

The easiest way to wear an oversized button down shirt is by belting it. If you are daring, you can wear it as a dress in the summer time.

Wearing a Men’s Button Down with Leggings

Since I am a chicken, I decided that I wanted to cover my side butt with black leggings!

Simple Accessories

I opted for a super simple necklace to wear under the button down shirt. I figured that the print was enough on its own.

I really liked this button down shirt because the sleeves were so exaggerated on me. It kind of reminded me of Vetements, but clearly nowhere near the same level.

I also loved this shirt because of the stripes and color palette. So 90s.

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