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The weather is begging us to bring out our flowy skirts and sleeveless tops from our wardrobe. Even though it is still technically winter, you would never know it by looking outside. The snow has melted and we are getting 15 degree days. For some of you reading 15 degrees is a ice box, but here in Canada, 15 degrees is balmy weather! Here are some tips for

Wearing spring stuff while keeping warm

Obvious: Tights Under Your Skirt or Dress

The most common way of taking summery dress and making it spring appropriate is to wear it with leggings or tights. I like colour so I chose to wear a bright, blind-your-eyes-blue pair of tights to keep warm and stay bright.keeping-warm-in-spring-fashion-tips (681x1024)

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Dress in Layers

When stuck in fashion limbo, it is very important to wear layers. Sure, it is too warm for a coat, but it is also way too cold for a sundress.

Add a Structured Blazer

Try a blazer that you can easily put on in case the wind picks up or you have to be outside for long periods of time.

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Let Your Socks Peek Out

The sun may be out, but baby it’s still pretty cold outside. Flats are probably not the best choice while the snow is still melting. Since you want to keep warm and still be able to obliterate puddles I suggest wearing booties. These are not as heavy and winter-y as knee-high boots, but they still offer warmth in those transition weeks. I like to let my colourful socks peek out from the top of my boots just for fun!

tights in the winter

Other Tips For Spring Style

Colourful Scarves

Scarves are great for transitioning from winter to spring. Add a bit of colour to help your mind transition out of the winter blues. If you have a big enough scarf {blanket scarf anyone?!} It can double as a cover for when it gets cold.

Collared Tops

Putting a shirt under or over a dress can totally transform your outfit! I mean, you can turn a dress into a skirt by adding a button down! This works well with a dress that has some volume at the bottom. Simply add a great necklace and call it a day!

Here is to spring and summer!

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