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As far as I am concerned, the perfect guest is rarely seen and never heard.

Anytime I stay in someone else’s home I try to make sure that there are no traces of me. I would hate for my host to feel like I was occupying too much of their space. I know many people are open and don’t mind if you make yourself “feel at home” , but I like it when someone says “Oh, having Jameela over was great. It was like she wasn’t even there!”

I have used Airbnb a few times and have had numerous friends that have used Airbnb for vacations. Based on what hosts and guests tell me plus my own preferences here are

7 tips on how to be the perfect Airbnb guest

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1. Check in and Out on Time

Be courteous and check in and out on time. You host has a life. They can’t be waiting around for 3 hours to let you in. Also check out on the agreed upon time. If they have another guest coming they need time to prepare for them.

2. Greet Your Host

There is nothing worse than a person with bad manners. Upon arrival be friendly to your host. Once they have finished showing you around, sharing the rules, and after you have settled in greet them. Ask them a few questions. Maybe throw a compliment their way. If they want to have a conversation you will be able to tell, if not go on about your day.

Say good morning and good evening when you are leaving and coming into the house. Don’t act like they don’t exist. Most Airbnb hosts are awesome people. You have to be pretty hospitable to let a stranger stay in your home.


3. Clean up After Yourself

Airbnb isn’t a hotel. It is cross between staying at a friend’s house and staying in a hotel. Your host isn’t your maid. If you use dishes, wash them (or put them in the dishwasher). If you spill your make-up in the kitchen sink, wipe it up immediately, not once you get back.

If you are renting out the whole house or apartment make sure you leave it in the condition you found it in. Make sure the drawers are as clean as you found them, fold your towels up and leave them on the bed. I know this probably sounds like a bit much, but imagine how nice it would be if you were a host and you found that your guest put in a little bit of effort upon leaving.

I’m not saying you have to take out your own garbage (you shouldn’t have to) or clean the bathtub. All I am suggesting is that as the perfect guest you keep things as tidy as possible.

clean house

4. Don’t Use Their Personal Toiletries

This is just common sense. Most hosts will provide you with soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. That is all well and good, but to be honest, you should be bringing your own toiletries. I never leave home without my own lotion, tooth paste, and towel!

Try not to invade someone’s space by using their perfume, razors, or that awesome make-up remover they have. I know most human beings are respectful of this, but I just had to put it on the list.

5. Be Quiet

Now don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to sneak around like a cat burglar. However, you should try to keep the noise level down in general.

If you have the place to yourself you should still be quiet as to not disturb the neighbors. Your host isn’t around, but their neighbours are. If you are too noisy, it is your host that will have to deal with disgruntled neighbours. Shhhh

be quiet photo

6. Be Self Sufficient

If you are looking to get a ride downtown to the play you got tickets for, I suggest booking a $500+ room at a hotel that provides those services. Again, Airbnb is not a hotel. There are hosts that will gladly give you a ride to and from the airport or show you around the city, but don’t be demanding. You are a grown-up and you should plan your stay accordingly.

7. Communicate!

Like any good relationship, communication is key. Let your host know when you are coming. Alert them if you are having issues finding the place, or any changes in your schedule. A quick text or e-mail should do. Even a note on the table or fridge can work. Just make sure everything is crystal clear. A lot of issues can be avoided by simple communication.

communication laptop and paper and pen


  • Don’t smoke inside
  • Respect the house rules
  • Turn off the lights
  • Don’t take “Hollywood Showers” 20 minutes +
  • Don’t bring extra guests
  • Lock the doors when you leave
  • Don’t be afraid to use the common areas

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