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The other day someone asked me how many months pregnant I was. I honestly didn’t know. I just threw out “5 and a half months” and hoped they would believe me.

Am I a terrible mother for only knowing my due date? Maybe! I would have known how many weeks pregnant I was if I had my phone (it has my trusty pregnancy app on it), but unfortunately, my phone had a tragic, Shakespearean accident.

Anyway, I found the perfect website that will tell you how many weeks you are AND a boss chart that shows you how many months that translates into.

Calculate Your Weeks Pregnant Website <<<<—- Here

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According to the chart I didn’t lie too much. I am 6 months pregnant, but next week I’ll be 7! Awesome. Just 3 more long months until my husband, daughter, and I get to say “hi” to the newest member of our family.

6 months pregnant

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*me making sure I look pregnant*