December 19, 2016 Jameela 11Comment

Goals Revisited

Another year! Last year, I made a few goals for myself: pay off my debt, de-clutter my life, save for my babies, and be better than I was last year. I accomplished 89% of those things 🙂 I’m not quite 30 yet, so I still have time to get 100%

Fun fact: If I came home with a 96% on a test, my mom would ask “Where did the other 4% go?” Yeah. That’s what she said. She asked about the missing 4%. Now I feel the need to explain my missing 11%. I would say I failed in the decluttering area. For the record, my husband and I did declutter our home. I hate entertaining (having anyone in my home), so we got rid of all but 4 of each of everything. We now have 4 plates, 4 bowls, etc, etc. It is that serious. Don’t even think about coming over! :p

In addition to getting rid of unused dinnerware, I personally threw away anything in the house we hadn’t used in 6+ months. I even got rid of a bunch of shoes! This is a big deal. I get so attached to my stuff, it hurts to throw them away even when they are ruined. Sad, but true.

So far so good, right? Well, after I got rid of clothing and shoes, I bought more. More stuff I didn’t really need. I call that a fail, hence the missing 11%.

Despite the “fail” in a segment of my goal, in my books, an overall 89% is pretty darn good. I needed to celebrate! To do that, I organized a whole-day birthday extravaganza for myself: Lunch, dinner, and clubbing 😀

Hot Pink Dashiki Dress for Lunch

For my birthday lunch, I had to make sure I showed up! I got this hot pink dashiki style dress from Ghana, and I haven’t been able to wear it since I got it. I knew my birthday lunch was the perfect occasion.


I love the eye-catching colour and the detail of the embroidery.

african-print-pink-dress-fashion-blogger-calgary-canada-ethical-style-3 ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-6

I had to accessorize with a hammered brass necklace and bracelets!!!

ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-3ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-4ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-1 ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-5 ethical-fashion-sustainable-jewelry-gemstone-bracelets-recycled-brass-canada-7

I was pretty pleased with this outfit and I am hoping I will find another occasion to wear it!

african-print-pink-dress-fashion-blogger-calgary-canada-ethical-style-5 african-print-pink-dress-fashion-blogger-calgary-canada-ethical-style-7 african-print-pink-dress-fashion-blogger-calgary-canada-ethical-style-10

I want to thank all my friends and family that showed up and came through for me this year! <3 <3