November 1, 2016 Jameela 10Comment

This Halloween Weekend was full of fun for the kids. We went to East Village on Saturday for a Harry Potter themed event, and on Sunday we went to the community centre for a haunted house and crafts!

My oldest dressed up at Frankiestien from Monster High and my youngest was a fairy. My husband and I put in about 30% effort and “dressed up” as revolutionaries.

Then on Monday my husband and I ditched the kids and stayed home while my sister and cousins took the kids trick-or-treating!


Face painting was the name of the game on Saturday. Amani started crying and as soon as I told her that her facepaint would go away, the tears dried up! She cried bloody murder when we tried to wipe it off that night, so you will see the slow and sad progression of it fading throughout the family photos.




Sunday was a warm and sunny day! We went to the community center and then the park! My sister and I both agree that the best picture is the one of my youngest (Amara) in distress.


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At the Park

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Monday: Halloween!

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How was your Halloween?