November 2, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

This was my daughter’s third Halloween. I would say that it was her best Halloween yet!

This year she actually understood what trick-or-treating was and was quite excited to get candy 🙂 She even learned the word Halloween. Everytime she said the word it was followed by a “roar” and scary hand gesture. That is what her dayhome lady told her Halloween was. It was so cute. Trick or Treating in Calgary

This was also the first year (in my recent memory) that it didn’t snow before Halloween. It was a great night for trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, in my neighbourhood there were not many children. Back in my day, about 100 children would come to the door. These days we are lucky to get 10-20.

That is why this year my daughter and her aunty practiced Halloween tourism! They dressed up as Mini and Mommy Mouse and drove to a different neighbourhood to go trick or treating. Sometimes there are neighbourhoods and houses that give out better candy: bags of chips, pop cans, full sized candy bars. That is really where you want to be as a child. Not to mention the spoils you get as an adult since your child cannot possibly eat all that candy alone. In our home we call it candy tax.

Trick or Treating in Calgary little girls minnie mouse costumeTrick or Treating in Calgary little girls minnie mouse costume

I love Halloween!  I believe it should be a national, statutory  holiday. Halloween is a day that truly brings the community together. What other time of year is it possible to knock on your neighbors door and be happily received? What other time of year do you freely give gifts to children that are not close to you? Long Live Halloween!!!Trick or Treating in Calgary little girls minnie mouse costume