October 1, 2016 Jameela 9Comment

Doing Your Hair For Vacation

Before I left for Cuba, I decided to get my hair done! I settled on a bold style in an attempt to stand out. It turned out to be a really good idea in the end. A lot of people commented on my hair and it was an easy way to start a conversation.

The other good part of the hair is that I was super easy to spot. I made a new friend in Cuba, and it was easy for her to find me on the resort!

Marley/Havana Twists

How perfect was it that I chose Havana Twists to go to Cuba?! Just joking. I call them Marley Twists, it was happenstance that the style is also referred to as Havana Twists.

My mom did my hair a few days before I left and it only took 2 1/2 hours! This is a short amount of time compared to the 8 hours that individual braids take to finish.

First, I needed the hair! I bought 24 inch Jumbo Twists in red and black. I didn’t think that they would be so long! Probably because I wasn’t thinking. I should have gotten 14 inches. This hair is super heavy, especially when wet!


This style is very quick and easy. The first step was cornrows. Thanks mom!


The next step was putting in the braids with a crochet needle (that is the yellow thing in the photo that my daughter is holding). My sister was floating my baby in the frame. I wasn’t shoo-ing the baby. I was shoo-ing my sister!

Jumbo Red and Black Marley/Havana Twists

This is the final result! I loved it because, as I said earlier, was a stepping stone to making friends when travelling alone.

marley-havana-braids-twists-red-black-hairstyle-1 marley-havana-braids-twists-red-black-hairstyle marley-twists-havana-braids-vacation-hairstyle-red-black-1 marley-twists-havana-braids-vacation-hairstyle-red-black-2 marley-twists-havana-braids-vacation-hairstyle-red-black

Everywhere I went on the resort, people recognized me. If I was bored I could always find someone to hangout with. Thanks to the bold style, my crew was probably 15 deep. Hairs to making new friends! Pun intended 🙂