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Friday was spent with girlfriends! I rarely “go out”, but I did enjoy this evening.

I wanted to wear something colourful and “sexy” but not club “sexy”. I also wanted to look good. I did wear a navy blazer so it looked like I was coming from the office :p. I was coming from my home office, so I think that counts.

I decided to layer some chain necklaces I made and recycled glass bead and wood bracelets. You can never have too many accessories. I think that they really show the world your personality.

I felt like going all out and applying makeup. I used eyebrow pencil put on a pink lipstick with a bit of gloss. Why? Because.

What to wear to girl's night out at Alloy in Calgary: purple skirt with printed top and layered necklaces Layering necklaces in calgary canada handmade Layering necklaces in calgary canadaWhat to wear to girl's night out at Alloy in Calgary: purple skirt with printed top and layered bracelets

I met up with my friends Becky Kung of Velvet & Vino and Daniela Codreanu who has a blog of the same name! We attended at department store event that was in support of breast cancer. They had drinks, a fun photobooth, and hors d’oeuvres. Then it was off to dinner at Alloy.

Girls night out

The atmosphere in the restaurant was higher-end and welcoming. It actually reminded me of a restaurant that I would frequent in Accra. There was a mix of textures throughout the restaurant: white, patterned cinder block walls with sleek rectangular mirrors, smooth white half round chairs and tall, organic pink orchids. We sat at a white granite table under an amazing arrangement of light fixtures.

Alloy Restaurant in Calgary washroom decorAlloy Restaurant in Calgary

The restaurant started us with olives, hummus and pita bread.

Alloy Restaurant in Calgary Alloy Restaurant in Calgary

I had the free range chicken supreme with miso soy, potato koroke, and bok choy. The chicken was actually moist. I was pretty impressed. The soy was excellent, but the potatoes were a bit salty for my taste.

Daniela and I shared dessert (No picture. Sorry!). We got chocolate & chili fallen soufflé. At first I was hesitant to mix chocolate and chilli, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t have it again; however, I am glad I tried it.

Alloy Restaurant in Calgary washroom Chicken dish

Overall, all the food was decent. I would say that the atmosphere and company was what really made the dining experience enjoyable.

Finally, I had to check out the washrooms. You can really judge the caliber of a restaurant based on the washroom. It was a well decorated and clean space with very nice hand towels!

Alloy Restaurant in Calgary Alloy Restaurant in Calgary washroom

It was very nice going out. I enjoyed it so much I may actually go out more often!

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