August 31, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

Is there a word for the situation in which your life feels more or less the same, but you realize so much has changed?


That is me. I feel like my oldest daughter has been going to school forever, but today was different. She is actually starting real school. Sure, it is half day, but it is EVERY DAY. She’ll have homework and have to be on time and wear a uniform. Not pictured here since we arent actually allowed in the school on the first day. This was orientation.

I feel like I am being challenged to accept that my daughter is, in fact, growing up, and I have to embrace all the change that goes with it.


I can’t help but feel like my daughter isn’t ready for school. I feel like I am taking away her childhood by sending her to school. She’ll have to sit in a desk and do homework and only play once in a while.

She is so free spirited (like most children are). I feel like school sucks creativity out of you and attempts to standardize it a students. Of course I understand that we need an educated society. A society that can read, write, is mathematically literate, and understands basic scientific concepts.  I suppose I just remember being miserable in school and my only fond memories were walking to school with my friends or playing in the park after school. Maybe I am just projecting my own anxieties onto my child.

But for real this is the beginning of my kid having to get up early EVERY DAY and that suuuuucks. She is not a morning person. Just like her mamma!

School is a necessity for all children and I have to say that I am privileged to live in a place with excellent basic education for all citizens!

Even So, I hope my baby will always be her vivacious and extra self from now until she finishes her schooling!

Extra like her mommy