November 30, 2015 Jameela 3Comment

I’m past due as I type, but I figured I would try and sneak one more pregnancy outfit onto the blog before I gave

People keep asking me if I will/want to be induced and the answer is No! ¬†As much as I dislike pregnancy, why would I want to give up my fleeting full nights of sleep? Also, if the baby isn’t in distress I figure why to expel the child from it’s comfortable home for my sole benefit!


I have to admit that being past due is kind of a relief. I didn’t make big plans for after my due date, so I feel like I am on vacation! Just chillin’. No one expects anything from me and when I do show up anywhere people are in awe that I am still roaming around. I tell them that I have to continue to live my life in the meantime!fashion-lifestyle-blogger-canada-calgary-black-bloggers-outfit (2)

How long will I be pregnant?

My midwife said that after 10 days overdue an ultrasound will be booked. If the baby is doing fine we give it three days and check again if the baby is doing fine we wait another 3 days!

I was informed that 40 weeks is simply an average length of pregnancy. Some people (like my daughter’s preschool teacher) go three weeks overdue while others give birth at 36 or 37 weeks. At the end of the day, I’m not worried. Like I said, being overdue gives me more time to sleep and more time to work!

When baby comes I’ll let you know!