March 11, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

How are you wearing the 1970s trend?

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I channel the ’70s with my high-waist maxi skirt. It definitely translates to the boho-hippy style of the era. High-waist dresses and skirts were perfect in the ’70s for most body styles and that still holds true today. Bold prints were apologetically loud in the ’70s, so I like to have fun with them in this decade.

Not only that, but crop-tops (belly shirts back in my day!) were super popular in the ’70s. To balance my bold printed skirt I opt for a neutral crop top, and layer with a large black shawl. The shawl adds to the gypsy traveler vibe that 70s fashion exuded. Believe it or not, this boho look is perfect for travelling and jet-setting around the world. Not only was the 70s fashioniable, but comfortable as well!

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