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I attended a Sister 2 Sister event last week at Kroq in Calgary, Canada. I love going to Sister 2 Sister because it is a place of community and understanding. This Sister 2 Sister event was a Professional Series about inspiring entrepreneurs, sharing tips for success, and some general, ol’ fashioned women’s empowerment!

I was very honoured to speak on behalf of Alora BoutiqueĀ alongside Joyce from Joyces Closet, Necole from Wings n’ Tings, and Janelle from Ellipsis Tree Collective.Sister-2-sister professional series

Fashionable Women in Calgary

The women that attended the event were all so well dressed. I only truly see so much colour in a room when I go to events like these. The women in the group LOVE colour and I love them for that. These women also dress for their body type which makes them look fabulous.
Sister-2-sister professional series Sister-2-sister professional series

Venue: Korq

The venue, Korq, was well decorated and looked quite posh. We had the top floor booked for the meeting and it was lovely. We had a dedicated server and the kitchen was right behind the meeting place. You could see the chef cooking away. You can see the reviews for Kroq on urbanspoon here. The atmosphere was very pleasant, but the food didn’t really do it for me that is why I didn’t write a review.

Sister-2-sister professional series


If you are not aware, in comparison to other major cities in Canada, Calgary has very few people of African, Caribbean, and Black-Canadian heritage (approx 23,000 according to the last time I checked the Stats Can website) and a handful of organizations for these people.

The city has come a long way though. I remember when I used to be the only black person on public transit (downtown and back). These days I see 5, 6, 7, 8 black people on the train when I am headed to the city centre. This group is great because it brings young, mostly “black” women together in a positive way. You can see by the group picture below that it is not just black women who come to events. Every one in the group is very friendly and open.

I want to say thanks to Rebecca for starting this group. You are awesome and amazing.

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