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I knew that, but I never thought much about it until I went to Victoria. Living in Canada affords me the luxury of never giving a second thought to what the Army, Navy or Air Force is up to. I don’t know anyone in the Armed Forces. Well, I know of a guy I went to Grade 9 with who joined the Army. That is my closest degree of separation to our Defences.

I think it is a good thing that the average (I have decided that I am average) Canadian goes about daily life without being burdened by those who are keeping our country safe. That means they are doing a good job. Right? Or maybe we are just indifferent to such matters.

Because of my preoccupation with everything non-national defence, I was really excited to visit the Naval & Military Museum in Victoria.

Warning! This post has a lot of tourist style photographs.

The CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum

The museum is on the naval base, so if you are planning on going bring I.D. to show the lovely gate-keeper. It is on the top of a long, winding hill, so be prepared to trek or just drive 🙂

The grounds are well kept and there are some pretty cool cannons outside of the museum. We couldn’t help but take pictures with them. Check out how green the grass was in February!

the-cannon-at-the-navy-museum-victoria-bc (1) (1280x851)the-cannon-at-the-navy-museum-victoria-bc (2) (1280x851)

The cannons looked pretty clunky, but I guess once upon a time, the were used.

We were the only people in the museum, so we had a chance to thoroughly explore the museum and soak up all the information that was presented. I won’t bore you with the details of the Canada’s Naval history, but I will show you a few things I found interesting.

Ration Kits

They had these ration kits on display. It is hard to imagine that people had to ration their food! I suppose growing up in a country with such abundance made it hard to believe that people could get by on so little.

ration-biscuits-navy (1280x851)ration-box-contents (1280x851)

Diving Suits

This killed me! These diving suits were made out of the heaviest canvas type material and metal!. The suit was like a paperweight, but I guess that was the best technology they had at the time. I can only imagine how brave one had to be to throw themselves into the water wearing the equivalent of a paper-weight.

old-fashion-diving-suit-royal-canadian-navy (2) (851x1280) old-fashion-diving-suit-royal-canadian-navy (1) (851x1280) old-fashion-diving-suit-royal-canadian-navy (3) (1280x851)

^^^ Those shoes!

Fallout Shelter

This little shoebox was where people would go in the case of impending doom! There was a sad little bed and hanging cot and tonnes of canned food. I’m sure they were still good! I can only imagine how dreadful it must have been to have the real threat of bombs dropping on your home.

fallout-shelter-victoria-ba-navy-museum (851x1280)

Plot Table

This was pretty cool. Apparently there was a room in the ship where the Captain would plan out the ship’s course of action. We simply couldn’t resist helping the guy out.

plot-table-navy-ship (1) (1280x1280) plot-table-navy-ship (2) (1280x1280) plot-table-navy-ship (3) (1280x1280)

Kit Muster

This one Peter could identify with. He said that in boarding school they each had a kit that they had to be responsible for. He told me that at his boarding school if you didn’t have all the items in your kit (or worse, if you had someone else’s item) you were in trouble! I told him that Canadian day school sounded better. He countered saying boarding school toughens you up and after that nothing fazes you.

kit-muster-royal-canadian-navy (1) (1031x1280) kit-muster-royal-canadian-navy (2) (851x1280)

I saw a submarine

They had a submarine in the water the same day. We looked through the old school telescope and I saw a submarine! It was stellar to see something like that.

through-the-looking-glass (1) (1280x851) through-the-looking-glass (2) (1280x851)

Handstitched UN Flag

Finally, I took a photo of a “vintage” UN flag. The close up was much better than the whole photo of the flag.

un-flag-handmade-navy-museum (1280x851)

What I wore

I was packing light, so I wore my Yoga Jeans (again) a plain white top and this awesome shawl thing that I picked up from Reunion Boutique in Victoria.

Click the photo for my OOTD Post.

the-cannon-at-the-navy-museum-victoria-bc (1) (1280x851)

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If you want to visit the Museum check out their website here.