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After Day 2 (in Kyoto) of this Japan trip, it was time to take things slow. Of course, that meant visiting two cities in a day. Thanks to Japan’s efficient railway system and me buying a JR Rail Pass, it was super easy to make it to both cities in one day.

Stop 1 – Uji: Tea City

Uji is known for its matcha tea. I have never been a fan of matcha, but this place MADE me a fan.

Uji has the BEST matcha. You can do a free matcha making activity at Cafe (I’ll find their IG soon) and they have loads of matcha gifts. They are a super short walk from Uji station. Sorry, these are phone photos, but this place is worth a visit. These photos are from our second trip to Uji.

Eating in Uji, Japan

I got matcha gyoza and a matcha latte from a restaurant just off the main street on the way to the leveled pagoda. On this day we met Lina, a lady from Switzerland! We hung out with her in Uji and then again in Osaka on the way to Kobe.The coolest part about Lina is that she said she learned to speak Japanese from watching anime!

They also make matcha waffles here!


Fun Uji Photos:

Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan  Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan Uji City in Japan

Stop 2 – Nara: Where the Wild Deer Roam

Nara is an interesting city. The deer roam freely and you can buy “Deer Crackers” from street vendors. Be warned! If you buy deer crackers the deer WILL attack you for food. Denise got headbutted many times by the deer. I saw kids screaming and running away from aggressive deer.
I skipped most of the temples and shrines in this place because they get boring after a while. I also don’t 100% understand the religion, so I can’t fully appreciate the shrines and/or temples.

We decided to go to an art museum in Nara. The museum was all about showcasing the art Nara has inspired and other Japanese artists from the region. It was a great experience. It took about an hour to go through the exhibitions. The best part was that is was FREE with your passport. I will put the link to the Nara Prefecture Museum of Art here.
This was a relaxing day compared to the first day. Denise said that there is a giant Buddha in Nara 18M high. We didn’t make it there, but her photos looked good.