September 25, 2018 Jameela 0Comment

Okinawa: The vacation from my vacation

After a little over two weeks from constant traveling and kilometers of walking, I needed to take a break. Right now I am on Christmas vacation and I am trying to (finally) finish my Japan blog posts, so all I am going to say is that I ate tasty food, rode my bike around, and laid around on the beach. Maybe one day I will fill in some blanks with details, but not today. This will be almost all photos. If you have questions about getting around the island please leave a comment or DM me on Instagram.

I went to two places on the island Naha and the American Village.


Naha is the main point of entry to Okinawa. Their beach is quite horrible. There is an overpass built over the beach. The ONLY beach in the city. It is crazy.

Mihama American Village

The American village is a $17 or hour-ish ride away from Naha, but worth the ride in general. The beach is lovely, but the place is super American. Lots of loud people, greasy food, jumbo naan, and cheap Chinese goods.

We left directly from Naha to Tokyo then Seattle to Calgary. It was a long trip, but totally worth it!

That’s all!

xoxo Jameela