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The Day in Hakone!

This was a tourist place that was on the list of things to do! Hakone is what Banff is to Calgary: a get away for Tokyo city dwellers. This place is famous for hot springs, natural beauty and black eggs!


How to get to Hakone from Shinjuku

You can’t get to Hakone with the JR Pass, but the Hakone Pass 100% worth the money. You can buy a day pass from Shinjuku station and this pass covers the boat ride, ropeway, cable car and busses! We only spent a day in Hakone, but the ease of having a pass was worth the 2-day price.

how to get to hakone from shinjuku

Black Eggs

The big draw here is the Black Egg that is supposed to add 7 years to your life if you eat it. So, if I die in the next 14 years you know it is all a big farce ;P

Why are the Owakudani Eggs Black?

The eggs are ordinary chicken eggs but since they are boiled in the hot sulfur spring the shell turns black!

What are the Black Eggs Called in Japanese and how much are they?

The black eggs are called Kurotamago and the locals sell them in packs of 5 for about 700 YEN.

How to Get to the Black Eggs

When you get to the train station you can take the cable car to the ropeway and then walk a little way to the Black Egg tourist trap! The view from the ropeway is actually quite lovely and seeing the sulfur rising up is a sight to see!

What else is there to do in Hakone?

There are some amazing outdoor art museums and hot springs to discover. After being disappointed in Mount Fuji, I decided that I wasn’t going to mess around with any second rate hot springs since we have some pretty good hot springs in Canada. Note: I did go to a traditional onsen before going to Okinawa).


Conclusion: This place is wonderful and worth the trek!