September 14, 2018 Jameela 1Comment

After a deeply disappointing trip to Mt. Fuji, I decided that today was going to be a day filled with all the things I love! Shopping and food XD

Following the advice of a friend, I decided that Shimokita was going to be the destination of the day. I ended up buying a lot of bulky items that would force me to buy an extra suitcase. It was worth it though!

Vintage Shopping in Shimokitazawa

A little tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the big Tokyo neghbourhoods, Shimokita or Shimokitazawa is an ultra-trendy neighbourhood that is known for its wide selection of vintage boutiques dotted through the narrow streets.

This little neignbourhood has about 135 apparel shops in the area and almost 50% of them are second-hand shops! That means that you will NOT have any problem finding a killer piece.

How to get to Shimokitazawa with a JR Pass

You cant get to this hipster mecca on the JR line (unless you are willing to walk a million miles). You have to take the metro, but it is worth every penny. You can use the Odaku line from Shinjuku station for 160 YEN (2 CAD)

Photo by Ryosuke Yagi used under CC

What is the vintage variety like in Shimokitazawa?

There’s a good range of vintage, secondhand and newish clothing brands in this neighbourhood. There are LOTS of second hand high-end designer stores in this part of the city. The prices range from 700 YEN ($10CAD) to the sky. I would say that most items are priced between $35 and $75. I bought a sick pair of overalls (will be in a different post) for like $45 and this vintage kimono for about $38!

I also got THE BEST jacket that screams 80s/90s ski hill for $10 at the 700YEN shop. Photos to come one day.

Is it worth going to Shimo-Kitazawa

Yes! Even though this place is a little out of the way, it is the perfect way to spend a day shopping. This atmosphere is laid back and the shopping is amazing. As fashion is serious business Tokyo, the vintage pieces are in perfect condition: not a missing stitch or stain to be seen in any of the pieces. As long as you set aside 4 or 5 hours to comb through the racks and stop for a coffee and lunch you will have the perfect day!