March 15, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

I spent the day creep shotting {a term I made up} people in Kensignton. I bought a 55-300 mm lens specifically for the purpose of taking pictures of people without them knowing! Some people did notice, but whatever.

Hipster Coffee

These people were minding their own business when I caught them red-handed with their Higher Ground Coffee and thrift-store finds.

hipster-people-in-kensignton-calgary (1)

Artsy Art

I followed these girls for a few minutes to get a good shot of them. Like me they had their camera’s at the ready to get a good shot if need be. To be honest, this photo is more about the city art then it is about them. They just added an {artsy} human touch.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (2)

Let Me Check My Schedule

This guy seemed like he was on a mission. I am sure he was working that day. He almost was struck by a car because we wasn’t paying attention!

people-in-kensignton-calgary (3)

Well Then

This girl was chilling outside of higher ground by herself for at least 40 minutes. She was there so long that a transient man started chatting her up. She seemed quite nice, but she said “well then” to the guy and proceeded to look “busy” attending to her nails.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (4)

Homeless Canadian

I stood at this intersection too long and this guy told me to take a picture of him. His hustle is asking for money from stopped cars on Memorial Drive.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (5)

Beating Rush-Hour

This was about 3:30 pm. This woman was probably coming from work. Or maybe school. Who knows.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (6)

I Woke Up Like This

This woman was pretty rad. She spotted me from a mile away. She is all fresh-faced and sporting the athletic, hip, flowy, im-too-cool-to-care look. Love it.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (7)

Another Day, Another Dollar

This is by far my favourite picture. I know this guy saw me taking pictures from across the street. He glanced at me! However, like the strong bro he is, he defiantly and intensely stared at nothing. I also really like the fire hydrant he is standing beside. It compliments his work outfit quite nicely.

people-in-kensignton-calgary (8)