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I’ve been meaning to post about Winnipeg for a LONG time! I still cannot believe that I stepped foot in that city, but I did,and I loved it!

Most people say that I went on a great weekend which was probably true. The weather was perfect and there were many street festivals going on. I’ve heard people say that Winnipeg is a great place to dump nuclear waste, that it is just a big Regina (a terrible city), or that it is a general wasteland. I would say that all these things are untrue.

Maybe people say bad things about Winnipeg because the rest of Manitoba (the province) is a wasteland. I say that because a little over 50% of the population of Manitoba lives in Winnipeg. Fifty percent! That is crazy. That must mean that the rest of the province isn’t worth living in. Hopefully someone form Manitoba can correct me if I am wrong.

Overall, I like the city and honestly wouldn’t mind living there if the winters weren’t so horrid.

Manitoba Legislature

The legislative building is quite lovely and open to the public! The day was spent at two street festivals (one seen in the background of the picture below) and exploring the legislative building.

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Winnipeg is very walk-able!

Anything you want to see is most likely within walking distance of where you are staying: The Museum of Human Rights, Osborn Village, Sherwood Shopping area (I think that is what it is called), Downtown, and much much more.

pictures-of-winnipeg (1024x681) why-are-you-voting-winnipeg-canada (1024x681) winnipeg-architechture (681x1024)

law-building-winnipeg-downtown (1024x681) museum-of-human-rights (1024x681) pictures-of-winnipeg (1) (1024x681) pictures-of-winnipeg (2) (1024x681) pictures-of-winnipeg (3) (1024x681)

manitoba-flag-downtown (681x1024)

Have you ever been to Winnipeg? What did you think about it?