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I love Saskatoon! That’s right, I said it: I love Saskatoon. It is a small city in Southern Saskatchewan almost no one outside of Canada would know about. That said, it is a beautiful, clean city with good roads (good roads matter to me), and the people are nice.

Even the person in Walmart helped me when I was looking for something. She ACTUALLY helped me. This is compared to Calgary where you can ask four Walmart employees where something is and all four of them will tell you “this isn’t my department.” 😐

downtown saskatoon art
Look at those roads!
saskatoon river
South Saskatchewan River

The South Saskatchewan River that the city sits on is quite nice and the downtown reminds me of Lethbridge or Red Deer’s downtown. Lots of (cheap) angle parking and locally owned stores and restaurants. The one I thoroughly enjoyed was a Louisiana style restaurant called Bon Temps Cafe where I had a satisfying chicken meal called the big messy: fresh baked ham, BBQ’d chicken breast, Cajun slaw, lettuce, tomato, pickle and creole mustard !

stop harper stop sign
Saskatoon’s Downtown

Then there is Broadway which has awesome shopping and good coffee shops like Museo, which makes a mean Americano.

Also, there isn’t any traffic! Everyone drives so slowly, which is okay since I don’t suspect there are many places to go to on time :p I love it when people aren’t in my way when I’m driving. Maybe it is because people in Saskatoon are are too busy enjoying their short summer with lawn ornaments and fake Dutch Windmills (I’m not hating. I love it all.)

bad lawn ornaments dutch windmill

Saskatoon Facts:

  • Population in 2011 was 222,190 people
  • Everyone is kind in Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon is also known as “Bridge City” or “City Of Bridges”
  • No one is in a rush in Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon’s unemployment rate is about 5%
  • The winters are bitter, long and unbelievably cold in Saskatoon

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Have you ever been to Saskatoon? Or would you ever visit Saskatoon?