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I haven’t posted in a long while! The reason is because I took a little time and went on a short Western Canadian Road Trip. Sometimes you have to seek new surroundings in order to refresh and grow and that is just what I did!


Road Trip: Calgary to Saskatoon

If you had told me a month ago I would step foot in Saskatoon or Saskatchewan I would have laughed in your face and said “never!” However, I have learned to ‘never say never.’ You cannot predict where life will take you. As they say in Ghana “Who Knows Tomorrow.” Plus, how could I call my self a true Canadian if I spent the rest of my life avoiding my prairie neighbor Saskatchewan? So instead of heading to the West (Beautiful British Columbia) or South (the USA), I ventured East to explore Canada’s breadbasket.

Scenery from Calgary to Saskatoon

I’m not going to lie, I prefer the drive from Calgary to Saskatoon over the drive from Calgary to Vancouver. The road is much better and the scenery isn’t as horrendous as I thought it was going to be.
canadian-road-trip-landscape-saskatchewan (2)

landscape from calgary to saskatoon

canadian-road-trip-landscape-saskatchewan (3)

The Fastest Route from Calgary to Saskatoon

Google claims the fastest route from Calgary to Saskatoon is 6 hours, but it is more like 5/5.5. I suspect it is because the road is sparsely populated, so getting stuck behind slow people isn’t an issue.


What I Wore on a Road Trip While Pregnant

I knew I had to be comfortable for this trip, so I put my hair in cornrows and tied it up in a head scarf. Then I layered! I was not about to be cold when I stopped for gas or stepped out of my car to take pictures. A stretchy knitted grey skirt from Joyce’s closet was the perfect choice to fit over my baby bump since it didn’t restrict my movements. Worn with black leggings and cream booties, I was warm from head to toe.
grey knit skirt

cream booties calgary

I also wore two sweaters (the Aztec print from The Front Porch) that were easy to put on and take off as my temperature fluctuated (which it does often!). I have to admit I looked slightly homeless, but it really didn’t matter because I spotted about 7 souls on the journey there.

This was the first leg of my trip and I was excited to see where the rest of it would take me . Stay tuned for what I did in Saskatoon 🙂


Fun Fact: The Cree name for the Saskatchewan River was “Kisiskatchewanisipi,”meaning “swift-flowing river.”