December 1, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

I am going to say “yes”.

Like I mentioned before, I am overdue. Not by much, but definitely more than I was with my daughter (three days). I have to admit that ever since I past my due date I stopped having nightmares about when and where the baby would come. I am starting to accept getting up two or three times at night to use the washroom and having very few stretchy clothes to choose from. pregnant-in-the-winter-natural-hair (1024x681)

I’m starting to accept the shape of my body, my aching muscles, and my disturbing cravings. Not to mention the fact that I accept struggling to get on my shoes in the morning :pnatural-hair-in-calgary-canada (681x1024)

I feel good! I felt so good today that I decided to put on makeup and enjoy a “warm” winter day.

Here is me past 40 weeks. pregnant-black-girls-in-canada-calgary (1) (681x1024)

Outfit details:

what-to-wear-when-you-are-pregnant (681x1024)what-you-look-like-when-you-are-over-due-pregnant (681x1024)pregnant-black-girls-in-canada-calgary (681x1024)shoes-to-wear-when-pregnant-in-winter (681x1024)pregnancy-in-winter (681x1024)this-baby (681x1024)