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Mmmm waffles. My mom makes the best waffles. A close second in waffle making is Buttermilk fine waffles on 17th avenue in Calgary. You can’t miss Buttermilk off the corner of 17th ave and 4th street SW. There is a sharp contrast between the modern black and white sign and the rustic wooden roof posts.

buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (6)

Blueberry Waffles in Calgary

My mother abandoned me for fun and sunshine in the Southern United States of America, so I had to get my waffle fix at Buttermilk. I ordered the blueberry waffle and I have to say it was pretty good. The waffle itself was well made, not too sweet, and fluffy. The blueberry compote was delicious which added to the overall appeal of the waffle.

buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (10)buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (1)

Inside Buttermilk

The inside of Buttermilk is pretty clean and “modern”. They have kincknacks when coming in and on the far wall of the space. There is also a really interesting feature wall across from the kitchen. Overall, it is a bright and inspiring space.

buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (4) buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (5) buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (3) buttermilk-waffles-calgary-blueberry-with-syrup (2)


What I wore

I kept it pretty simple. I was catching up with a friend before my waffle craving hit. I wore my favourite pair of yoga jeans and my black and white crop top. I added a blazer, so I could cover-up if there was AC blasting inside.

yoga-jeans-purple-crop-top-natural-hair (2) yoga-jeans-purple-crop-top-natural-hair (1) calgary-street-style-womens-fashion

I wore some black, and grey leather shoes to dress up the jeans a bit.



This outfit was comfortable and casual enough for a weekday on 17th ave.

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