June 11, 2018 Jameela 1Comment

I am beyond excited to see Haley MacLeod on June 13th for her book signing at The Wednesday Room. Haley is a born and raised Calgarian (aka unicorn) who is releasing her book titled Room 5608.

Room 5608 is the debut poetry book of Haley MacLeod. A remedy for the soul. An anthem for survivors of mental illness, addictions, heartbreak, and grief. The pages of her book are enriched with soulful themes of melancholy, nostalgia, and recovery.

You may not have guessed it, but this book is right up my alley. There is such beauty and strength in bearing your soul and healing from the trauma in your life. I personally find that some of the worst events in my life are the basis for my strength in difficult times. I always look at a roadblock or “heartache” and remind myself that I have been through much worse. In her book, Haley takes us through her journey of exposing the light she finds within the depths of her scars and healing herself while bringing the reader on a journey of healing too.

Excerpts from the book that I love

when poetry finds you
brutality begins to feel a lot like
she enters into the hallway of your heart gently
you can hear her singing the demons to sleep
for your ribcage no longer has room to carry
all the darkness they brought to you
it is time you learn how to gently
carry your own weight
when poetry finds you
she brings roses to your cemetery
breathing solace over the parts of you that have
so you can finally let go
of what makes you feel everything but
with sunlight dripping from her hands
she puts the entire
back into your soul
sewing your brokenness
with the light of every fallen star in the galaxy
so you can finally realize
all of this hurt is temporary
you will shed this skin
when the gods call you to come back home
poetry comes to teach you a purpose
she gives you a pen and whispers
write until you see
the wisdom birthing from all your pain
write until you feel
you are stronger than your pain
write until it is the pain
that brings you back home



someone will come along
and touch you in places
where you never thought it was possible
to ever feel the light there again
someone will come along
and start a wildfire inside your heart
you will be aflame with desire
they will give you a kind of love
you will forever feel igniting light
through the skyline of your soul
someone will come along
and you will softly swallow the word
so the vacancy left in your veins
from years of loving the wrong ones can finally
someone will come along
and teach you a whole language of love
where midnight and loneliness
are never used in the same sentence
they will spell your name with stars
and you will spend the rest of your life knowing
what it means to be
good enough
wanted enough
needed enough
loved enough
you will feel love burning for an eternity
throughout the universe beneath your skin
straight into the depths of your soul


About Haley:

Art has always been a liberating outlet for MacLeod, having come from a background of dance, acting, singing, and songwriting. Throughout the years she built a name for herself through the poetry community by teaching the craft to students.

Don’t forget to pre-order her book on Amazon or visit her on June 13th!