November 26, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

This day was a hectic day. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I know I had like three events on the calendar that night. This was the last one!

I had a great time at Bombay Beauty Loft  in Kensington (4 14 St NW #109, Calgary, AB). This salon shares space with the Cutting Room Floor (a hair salon). I haven’t used their services yet (I’m planning on getting my brows done), but I love the atmosphere of the space. There are authentic looking decorations placed around the spa and it is a bring, clean, welcoming space.

home decoration antique looking candle holder home decoration antique looking candle holder picture wall collage of ethnic women

Even though I live in the NE, I cannot say how nice it is to have a little ethnic flair in the beauty industry that is located in a trendy part of Cowtown. If anyone knows about perfectly shaped brows it is Indians, Pakistani, and Lebanese women. I’m not trying to generalize, so please forgive me; however, based on my PERSONAL experiences growing up in the NE, every single girl who identified as one of these nationalities had BOSS eyebrows.

kada of bombay beauty loft brown women with awesome eyebrows

Anyhow, There was LOTS of food and drink (typical of the hosts!) and a fun photobooth that was (wo)manned by Fela Photography.

orange cake food table

I have been really into this crop top (read: 90s belly-shirt) thing lately. I think I am trying to squeeze what little seasonality there is from these tops.

food on a blue traypeople talking

spring savagewhite christmas tree and woman on phone



aztec crop top