July 31, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

I only ended up attending 2/4 days of Folkfest. It is just way too much commitment to get there every single day.

Anyhow! On Friday I actually ended up wearing three outfits, but the one below was my favorite and first.


Adult Tutu

I am in love with this tutu from Blondie Boutique. The teal-ish powder blue is an uncommon colour for tutus. If I am being completely honest, adult tutus are pretty uncommon. That being said, when you find the right one, it is like winning the ($100) jackpot!


Where to wear a tutu

I have only ever worn this tutu once before. It was during an evening where I attended two events (one food, one fashion). I figured that the only other place I could get away with a tutu was to a festival!

Styling a tutu for a festival


I stole this bag from my sister! It was perfect for folkfest because it is a roomy backpack. This backpack is in such a great print, that I am seriously contemplating buying one of my own. haha. Just kidding. I will use hers for free!


Of course, no look is complete without jewelry, so I opted for a fun fishbone body chain and a statement necklace!

The reason I went home and changed was because I was bringing the girls to the festival. I knew I would have to carry my youngest and I KNEW she would be dusty. I kept the top and wore these sweet pants (one day they will be posted) with them. I changed my shoes to platform black shoes.

Overall, it was a decent time and I may go back next year.