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Best Thrift Stores in Calgary

If you have been following along, then you know that I live for the thrifted find. I love shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores in Calgary.

There are a few stores that I frequent for consignment and thrift finds. In no particular order, my FAVOURITE thrift/consignment stores in Calgary are

  • Joyce’s Closet
  • Velour (formerly known as the front porch)
  • Dress for Success

Last week I strayed from this list. I was on my way to pick up some labels for my business at a local printer when I saw the Women in Need Society (WINS) sign. I have been following WINS on Instagram for a while now and they always post the cutest shoes and bags. I knew it was fate, so I stopped in for what was to be 5 minutes.

Obviously, I couldn’t just stop in for five minutes. I was fooling myself. Luckily, I found the best wool coat and a couple other goodies that I will post about later!


This wool coat is so warm and reminds me of a top coat. The color is absolutely stunning. It can be really hard for me to find a red that compliments my skin tone, so when I saw this baby, I had to have it!


The length of the coat is perfect as it can easily be paired with a range of boots and bottoms. Thrifting is no easy feat and I had to call in the reinforcements (my husband) to help me decide between this coat and a bright pink one.


This coat was a “sample” of Suzanne Marten’s. I don’t know who she is even though I endlessly searched for her on Google. I suspect that this coat is at least 10 years old. Why? First, the coat is well made and second, Suzanne handwrote on the label “sample”. I don’t know, but I am willing to bet that people haven’t handwritten on their labels in at least 10 years. Who handwrites anymore?!

I paired this coat with a dress I got from a Made in Canada ( I cannot remember her name 🙁 ) market, a statement necklace another and simpler necklaces. I added some gemstone bracelets and heels for good measure!


This coat was only $22. Can you believe it?!? You can’t get half a tank of gas for $22!

Sustainable Fashion and Shopping in Calgary

Shopping sustainably isn’t super hard to do in the city. Purchasing pre-loved clothing is a great way to help divert waste from the landfill and flooding foreign markets with crappy clothing.

I love WINS for a few reasons

  1. The have recycled almost 1 Million pounds of product (993,000 to be exact)
  2. They have supported 14, 460 people with their funds raised
  3. They have killer clothes in store and you don’t pay GST (that’s my favourite part :p)
  4. They are ” investing in the social well-being of community…” by “…help[ing] vulnerable women and their families live better lives.”

WINS also takes donations, so as per my husband’ request, I can donate the equivalent of what I buy. According to him, I owe WINS one coat…


SHOP: Red Coat // Statement Necklace /// Mother and Child Necklace /// Gemstone Bracelet /// Dress (Similar made in Canada one here) // Shoes

What is your favourite Thrift Store find?