July 10, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

Today was HOT. The temperature peaked at 33 degrees in my city. Recently, my daughter had gone to Florida and she wanted to “take her mommy and daddy to the beach”. There are only man made beaches in and around the landlocked area that I reside in and for that reason, an actual beach was out of the question.

I didn’t want to plan an all out trip to the lake, so I decided to take my daughter up the road to a place where the water is shallow and the amenities are bountiful: Prairie Winds Park.


The city park we went to was perfect for children under the age of 12. As I stated before, the water is very shallow (no more than 2 feet deep) so even the smallest children can enjoy the water. There are also lots for sprinkler type apparatuses which makes cooling off on a hot day fun and easy.


My daughter made lots of little friends at the pool. Since it was evening time, the pool was quite full. I think that it was great there were so many people! It makes socialization that much easier.

fun-in-the-sun (2)

Since I only wanted to be there for an hour I packed light. I only bought a water bottle and a small snack for my daughter. It was evening time, so we were going to go for dinner and ice cream after.

My Fun in the Sun Must Haves:

A Handmade Basket

To hold all my essentials. I say the bigger the better! When packing a beach bag, I put all the heavier things at the bottom and keep liquids and anything that needs to stay clean and dry in a plastic bag.

Blanket(s) and Towels

Large Beach Blanket

I used a large, bright blanket to sit on under the shade. The brighter the blanket, the easier it is for your crew to find you.

Hooded Towel

Every kids LOVES hooded towels. Plus, the water at the splash pool can be cold, so using a hooded towel is a great way to keep toddlers warm.


I rarely wear sunscreen, but here in Canada doctors recommend using it on the little ones. For toddlers and babies we use a tear free lotion. FYI: Canadian doctors recommend that babies under 6 months shouldn’t get sunscreen, so make sure you keep them covered up when out.


I like to wear those senior style glasses that have a lens on the side. But you can simply wear a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable and give complete protection for your eyes. Since you will most likely be running after your children, or napping, make sure you get a pair that won’t fall off too easily.

Baby Sunglasses and Sun Hat

Don’t forget your baby’s sun hat! It will keep them cool and their eyes protected.

Water Bottle/Sippy Cup

Keeping baby well hydrated in the heat is a must. I packed by daughter’s favorite pink sippy cup for the day.