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One day your child starts going to daycare or school or both and begins to bring home crafts (crap…stuff?).

My daughter brings home about three crafts a week between dayhome, preschool and Sunday school. Some of them are better than others and the ones that are better deserve to be preserved. My mom actually told me that you can’t feel bad for “curating” the crafts. In other words, only a few can survive the trash bin!

I thought to myself “what is the best way to keep the good stuff?” I pondered and agonized for weeks (slightly exaggerated language). Then a lady I used to volunteer with invited me to a card making/scrap-booking event that benefited Calgary Reads (check out how much we all raised here). Ah ha!  I decided to scrapbook them along with a few pictures. I was determined to get all the crafts off my fridge once and for all.

I basically took all the crafts that fit a certain “theme” and tried to fit them all onto one page! I made sure to label the date and name because I would hate for them to get mixed up with the new baby’s crafts 10 years from now.

Fall Crafts

My favourite is the “yellow page” where Amani says the moon looks like “glitter”… so cute. She loves the moon! It is really funny that she can neither read nor write, but her crafts express her thoughts! Thank goodness for the pre-school teacher who writes down the children’s silly, but cute answers.

preschool crafts and scrapbookingscrapbooking your child's crafts

Vietnamese Fish Lantern

My next favourite is my daughter’s fish lantern that she made in pre-school when a Vietnamese festival was going on.

I decided to use wavy scissors and make it look like there was water in the background even though it is a lantern. The lantern is shaped like a fish, so it is close enough. FYI this is the only pair patterned scissors I have left since my daughter has tampered with them all.

making waves in a scrapbookarchiving your toddlers crafts

Halloween Crafts

There were a lot of Halloween crafts that my daughter brought home. Some of them are still in the car waiting to be brought into the house while other’s languish on the fridge (so much for getting the crafts off the fridge). These are the ones I could round up. If you can’t tell the puppet on the left is a cat and the one on the right is a bat.

halloween crafts

Church Crafts

These church crafts should have gone in the garbage, but I felt really bad not having them represented in her craft book.

church crafts


I couldn’t go to a scrapbooking event and not archive some pictures. I LOVE this picture of my daughter and her little friend that we took last year at a photoshoot. Amani looks so happy!  scrapbooking in calgary

Finally, I absolutely had to put in this Market Collective photo-booth picture that we took earlier this year. It will be the last picture of my daughter as an only child. <3 #goodtimes scrapbooking layout

good times

I talk to a few mom’s who always buy crafting things (Yes, you. You and I both have a problem), but never get around to doing anything with them. I say go to an event like this that forces you to leave the house, forget about work, and do something mindless/fun for a day. It is totally worth it and it helps to get all that crap…crafts…off the fridge!

*note* I had to mention that is was a mobile post since all the pictures were taken on my mobile phone and the quality isn’t as good as my camera.

Event hosts: Valerie Kapsha – Sure Scraps A Lot

Other Pictures from the day

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