February 23, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

My oldest daughter is OBSESSED with ballerinas. What 4-year-old girl isn’t? When we got Ahni’s Dancing secret in the mail we were excited. To be honest, since we received it, it has been THE bedtime story every single night.

Reading this book every night isn’t a chore mostly because it rhymes! I love books that rhyme. Especially children’s books that rhyme. I don’t know what it is: maybe I prefer poetry to prose ;p. This may be weird, but it always perturbs me when short children’s books don’t have good cadence.

P.S. Yeah, it was Saturday and Sunday is hair day just so you know!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a gift for a child aged 5-9. Thanks for reading guys! You can see more photos on my Instagram!