Hello All!

My name is Jameela!

I would describe myself as a friendly and open person who is always trying to learn new things and live my best life. I am the owner of Alora Boutique where we create and sell meaningful jewelry that gives back. I am the mother to two lovely little girls and we call Canada our home. Sustainable and Canadian made fashion are staples in my closet. Through bold colour and fun patterns, I will show you that you can be stylish, and socially conscious at the same time.

This blog just isn’t about fashion: It is about whatever I feel like writing. This can range from travel to fashion, DIY to social structure, or religion to music. I will share whatever is on my mind.

In essence, this blog is a lifestyle blog. Particularly my lifestyle and those around me. I understand that not everyone lives the same as I do, finds interest in the same things as me, or agrees with my opinions. Even so, I am going to say what I want anyway!

I will include a picture of myself below so you can put a face to a name! 🙂

Happy reading,