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#30wears Sustainable Fashion OOTD

I have a favourite women’s fashion store in Calgary: Studio Intent. This store is located in the heart of downtown Calgary and only sells made in Canada clothing and accessories. Whenever I am in need of a new piece of clothing,  I know that I’ll find something perfect at Studio Intent.

One of the reasons I buy from Studio Intent and stores like it, is because of the emphasis on sustainability. Unlike the unfortunate emphasis on fast fashion that other mainstream stores have, Studio Intent focuses on quality, ethical sourcing, and classic cuts and styles. All of these are factors that I look for when shopping for most things. I look at something like a dress and ask myself the following questions

  • Can I wear this next season or next year?
  • Will this last through the wash or through many dry cleans?
  • Will I be able to give this to my daughter in 20 years (we all know vintage is always in)?

If the answer is “yes” then I buy it.

Ethical Fashion is Trendy

These days ethical fashion is becoming a trendy topic. I contest that shopping ethically shouldn’t be a trend but an ingrained habit based in conscious consumption. When you think about how little someone had to be paid so that a t-shirt can sell for $7.00, it becomes hard to buy it. Or when you wonder about the kind of environmental impact buying a poorly dyed pair of jeans has on the manufacturing country’s water systems you can’t help but feel responsible for fueling the demand.

Now I am not going to sit here and lie and make it seem like I am the Mother Theresa of consumption. I bought some summer clothing from a fast fashion retailer as our summer here is fleeting. To be honest I regret spending any money on them because of the questionable quality. I regret buying them even more because I feel bad every-time I look at them. I don’t know who made them, under what conditions. It’s mostly my own guilt that keeps me from fully enjoying wearing them. I also leave my SUV running in the winter when I am waiting for my sister or whoever else to come out of the bank. I know that is is bad for the environment, but I figure ‘I pay for my gas, and I will burn it as I see fit.’

30 Wears

Despite my transgressions, I still believe in conscious consumption. Through my regular online stalking of my favourite people and stores, I found that Studio Intent was promoting this idea of 30 wears. The basic premise is to ask the basic question as a fashion consumer: Will I wear this at least 30 times? If the answer is yes, buy it! If the answer is no, reevaluate. You may be buying it for a special occasion or maybe this piece of fashion is more like a piece of art.

My #30Wear outfit

This outfit is proudly Canadian, proudly Studio Intent. All of these items have (to the best of my knowledge) been worn at least 30 times. I suspect they will be worn another 30 times. I feel good knowing that the clothes I wear were made in Canada, by people making a fair wage, under ideal conditions, and with decent respect for the environment.

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