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How to Keep Toddlers Entertained in The Car


I got the best tip from a Mom in my neighbourhood. She said that instead of videos she gave her children books to read in the car. Brilliant!

I am sure before the tablet and portable music devices children HAD to do something else to entertain themselves. At almost 3, my daughter can’t read, but that doesn’t stop her from making up stories. Stories that usually start like this “Once a time…far away”. No I didn’t leave out the word “upon”. She doesn’t use that in her introductions. Then she describes the things she sees in the book.


I recommend keeping your books tucked away in the seat pocket in front of them. That why they can access them alone. Even if they are feeling lazy, you can easily reach back and hand them a book from there.

Someone recommended that a change of clothes be packed in case the child gets car sick. If that is the reality with your toddler, I suggest something totally different.

Games for Toddlers

If you are unprepared, as I usually am, games are an excellent way to keep those rascals entertained. If you have more than one, God bless you, they can play together. If you just have one child then you may have to play these “on the fly” road games.

Car Colour Games

My daughter really likes to spot cars of a certain colour. She will say Mommy, I want to see a green car. So as we drive she and I will keep our eyes peeled for a green car. This game can easily eat up 20 minutes depending on the amount of cars on the road and traffic volume. The game usually ends when she asks to see a “pink” car :p

What Sound Does A “***” Make Game

The love of animals consumes my little girl. We can spend quite a while discussing the sounds particular animals make. If your child has a good grasp on animal sounds this may be a good game for you!

elephant-in-the-wild-kids-games-entertainment horse

What Do You See? Game

Asking your child to describe what they see can be a simple way to keep them chatting and tire them out! My daughter will ask me “What’s that?” if she doesn’t know what something is. I find that this is a great way to help your child expand their understanding of the things around them.

Snacks: A must!!

Outside of survival, eating is entertainment. Make sure you pack mega snacks if you are planning on driving for a while. Sometimes all a cranky kid needs is popcorn.


Bonus Tip: Emergency Car Pack

Always have an emergency car pack. For us we include extra clothes, bibs, a blanket, water, formula, toys, diapers, wipes, Vaseline, Tylenol, etc. Comes in handy if there’s ever an emergency where you don’t have time to pack a bag! – Jennifer T.

What tips do you have for keeping your children entertained?

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